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Which direction do I spin the wing?

…in a counterclockwise direction (to the left).

How do I set up the phone mount?

Check out the pictures at the top of this page. Now, it may seem like the phone mount is in the way of the screen. This is actually designed to protect your phone from falling out of the mount. We are no rocket scientists but centripetal force, while swinging the SelfieSpin360, is outwards and away from the user. Due to this little piece of science, the phone mount must have support on the back side to take this centripetal force.

How do I get to Slo-Motion on my phone?

Select CAMERA / then slide your finger to the RIGHT / Select Slo-Motion. Remember to hit record BEFORE you start swinging! 🙂 Slow Motion video adds a sense of drama or fascination to our videos. To adjust your frame rate on your phone go into SETTINGS / PHOTOS & CAMERA / RECORD VIDEO / Change to the higher frame rate of at least 60 fps. This way if you decide later that you want a portion of that ski trip video to be in slow motion you will then have the option to do so!

What settings should I use on my GoPro?

We highly recommend you record footage at 120 frames per second or higher. This will allow you to slow down the footage and have buttery smooth playback.
When you watch a movie you are actually watching a bunch of pictures displayed, at a high speed, one after another. BOOM – MIND BLOWN!!! When you record a video on your phone or GoPro, it is actually taking a bunch of photos every second.
Does Motion Picture or Moving Picture ring a bell? It should because Iron Man, Beauty and the Beast, Gladiator, Love Actually, and How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days are all MOVING PICTURES. When you watch these incredible films you are usually seeing 24 pictures every second. Since they are displayed so quickly it looks as though you are watching actual movement.
Now, why is this important to you? There are a lot of reasons but for today’s lesson it is because of Slow Motion. Without getting deep into the technical reason, in order to capture slow motion video you need to record at a high frame rate such as 60 fps. When you record SelfieSpin360 videos with your phone or the GoPro Hero6, the slow motion settings record 240 pictures in one second!!! Pretty amazing.

What is the top of the wing? In what orientation does this fly in the air?

The selfiespin360 is properly oriented when the Red sticker up toward the sky and your attached device (smartphone or action camera) points down toward the user

How do I angle the mount?

You can choose to orient the mount/action camera in any position you would like to best capture footage. However, we suggest starting by positioning the phone mount at approximately a 90 degree angle relative to the wing. If using a GoPro or fish eye action cam, you will want to angle the camera more towards the floor at about a 45 degree angle.

How tight should the thumb screw that holds my phone be?

This thumb screw was designed to work with finger tightening (no tools required). Tighten the thumb screw until you cannot turn the screw anymore with your fingers.

Will the string break and send my phone flying?

No. This small diameter string packs a punch; it has a tensile strength of 300#. Meaning it can lift close to 300 lbs without breaking. It’s very strong!

Will my phone or action camera fit?

We wanted everyone to have a chance to use the SelfieSpin360 so we developed a universal phone mount which holds must of the leading smartphones.

What is your return policy?

Selfiespin360 is 100% committed to customer satisfaction. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you may return your purchase within 30 days of the delivery date – WITH ORIGINAL PACKAGING. No restocking fees! The return policy can be found here.

How fast do I spin the wing?

At first, most people swing the SelfieSpin360 too fast. The wing needs to be swung just fast enough for the camera to fly level in the air, however, your camera will capture better video if the swing speed is not too fast. Take a minute to get a feel for it and practice. After all, practice makes perfect! (Hint: use more wrist and less arm to make it spin!)  

Is the wing waterproof?

Yes, the wing is waterproof! However, your specific smartphone or action camera may not be. Please verify that your device is waterproof before using in the water.

What color does the SelfieSpin360 come in?

Currently you can choose from a Red/Black option and a Pink/Black option. We will have more colors in the future. Send Adam a note at Adam@SelfieSpin360.com with some color ideas for future SelfieSpin360 wings!